Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Hope, has led No Limits Ministries International in Brampton, Canada for the last 3 years plus. Pastor Hope has a love for people which translates into a message hope and challenge.
“The love of Jesus brings comfort, peace and joy while each of us journey through the challenges of life.”
Pastor Hope has a passion for the heart of God, a passion for people and a passion for prayer. She is a powerfully gifted speaker who challenges others through revelatory and practical teachings that impact and influence everyday living. Pastor Hope’s deep love for people is demonstrated in her life as a vessel of restoration and growth.
Under her leadership and direction for the Supernatural and Prophetic Ministry through the prayer teams, No Limits Ministries have been experiencing the tangible manifestation of the presence of God in our Sanctuary; such as gem stones and diamonds appearing. Our lives have also been impacted personally and corporately.

Rev Dr Hope McDowell-Gibson

Rev Dr Hope McDowell-Gibson, CDKA No Limits Ministries International Rev Dr Hope McDowell-Gibson is the co- founder of No Limits Ministries International which was launched in May 2012. She has been speaking, and hosting Seminars and Conferences since 2009 and has helped many to connect to their purpose and destiny. Dr McDowell-Gibson is a passionate […]

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